Vision & Mission


Holy Family College of Nursing aims to provide high quality nursing education and strives to mold a God-fearing, just & humane society while imparting Quality Nursing Education to the students entrusted to her care.


Holy Family College of Nursing strives hard to create a professional environment based on the ethical and moral values so as to nurture, the professional attitude with a feeling of responsibility towards our society, in our students. Holy Family College of Nursing aims to be the center of academic excellence in the field of nursing education. The School of Nursing, Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi started in 1956, was a bud which has bloomed into College of Nursing. In all these years it has stood steadfast for the mission and vision of providing high quality nursing education.

The purpose of the course is to assist students to become competent professional nurses committed to the promotion of health, prevention of disease, care during illness and rehabilitation of the clients.

The curriculum has been planned to provide a broad concept of the fundamental principles of quality nursing care based on strong theoretical concepts to enable graduates to function effectively in varied health care settings at individual, family and community levels, in urban as well as rural areas.